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Butter and cheese are the products made from milk. There are possibilities of making both butter and cheese at home but it is quite a lengthy process. So usually all of us prefer to buy butter and cheese ready made. Butter has number of vitamins and minerals involved inside. Butter contains vitamin A which is available in high amounts in butter. Butter can contain great amount of fats but some amount is allowed daily but it should not be consumed to great extent. It also contains good amount of vitamin D. Vitamin E is found in butter which makes it the antioxidant and it also contains vitamin B12. Vitamins B12 is rarely found in products and one of them is dairy products. It also contains good amounts if vitamin K2 and it helps in protecting from cardiovascular disease. You can get butter and cheese from Lokomart online store. You now dont need to move out to get butter and cheese as it is easily available in Lokomart store. You can get the pasteurized butter from amul brand. It also contains cheese blocks from Britannia and the cheese from amul brand. The branded products are only available at Lokomart and that also at reasonable rates. Buy the dairy products n Paldi Ahmedabad through Lokomart online store. Make your life easy with the online store Lokomart.