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Soft drink is the drink which contains carbonated water and the sweetener along with some natural or artificial flavor. The sweetener also contains sugar fructose syrup and the fruits juice. It also contains some amount of sugar substitutes. The soft drink contains preservatives colorings and many other ingredients. The soft drinks are given the term in contrast with the hard drinks which are the alcoholic beverages. There are chances that the small amount of alcohol can also be present n the soft drink but it is less than 0.5% of the total volume. The fruits punch and many other things are also included in the soft drinks. Soft drinks are loved by almost everyone and it is a good source of giving it to the guests. It is traditional thing that when guests arrive at our place we offer some soft drinks to them. Lokomart is the online store which sells the soft drinks are reasonable rates and it is delivered at your door step. You can get fanta coca cola and many other drinks at your home from the Lokomart store. There are number of drinks which are available on the store online and you can order the quantity as per your requirement. You can order 300ml or 1 liter and more as well. Get the soft drinks in Paldi Ahmedabad area through the Lokomart online store.